VirtuSpec is a modified version of the SolarSIM software that allows you to extend the spectral range of any existing, silicon-range spectroradiometer or sun photometer to obtain full-spectrum spectral irradiance measurements over the entire 280-4000nm wavelength range of the sun.

VirtuSpec eliminates the need to work with multiple spectroradiometers, or multi-sensor spectroradiometers, in order to obtain broad-spectrum, solar spectral measurements.

VirtuSpec also allows our customers to leverage the substantial historical datasets available from existing sun photometer networks to generate cost-effective national and global datasets for direct spectral irradiance and DNI.

By extending the spectral range out to 4000 nm, VirtuSpec also allows you to obtain GHI or DNI measurements with your spectroradiometer/sun photometer (through the integral of the spectrum), thereby providing additional functionality and allowing data validity checks against any co-located pyranometers or pyrheliometers.

The VirtuSpec software is compatible with all existing commercial or research-grade spectroradiometers and sun photometers, whether for direct or global spectral measurement.

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